Our Story

Founded by Niall Moloney in 2016, Pow-Cow is a company that seeks to serve high protein, low sugar frozen yogurt to those desiring the indulgent taste of ice cream as well as the health benefits that Greek yogurt can provide.

Niall is a registered dietitian with a postgraduate in sports and exercise nutrition. He has worked with clients from all walks of life, including professional athletes in Ireland and from across the world at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Through his experiences working with those who were looking for healthy lifestyles as well as professional athletes, Niall often came across the barrier of not being able to source healthy, high protein snacks that tasted delicious. An avid ice cream lover, Niall set himself a challenge to create a great tasting and healthy alternative.  He discovered that the two words “healthy” and “tasty” did not easily go together when it came to ice cream.  

After struggling to find anything that tasted good and that had a good nutritional profile, Niall bought his own ice cream machine and experimented with 200 recipes. When he came up with just the right recipe, everybody loved Niall’s high protein frozen yogurt, and so Pow-Cow was born! The natural protein found in Pow-Cow helps to support your body and fitness by promoting muscle function and recovery. Pow-Cow can be enjoyed as the anytime low fat frozen yogurt treat loaded with 15g of protein.

On top of that, its great taste provides extra motivation to conveniently live a healthy and balanced life. Packed with natural goodness in each of its exceptional flavours, Pow-Cow is the perfect on the go snack, pre- or post-workout boost, guilt free treat, smoothie base, or convenient breakfast alternative. With its rewarding balance of macronutrients, you can legitimately eat this every day without busting your calorie bank.


We at Pow-Cow promise to continually work hard towards delivering products that genuinely taste great, are low in sugar, and are high in protein, allowing you the peace of mind to eat it everyday as a healthy treat.